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Streaming wife interracial

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But i had a guy reveal he had sex with 72 people before me, which i didnt learn until later i wasnt happy. My first wife never said how many but im guessing she had quite a few, more than 10. My current wife for decades wouldnt tell me who she went with to this one place for vacation.   many believe there is a stigma that surrounds the number of sexual partners that a woman has had. That was certainly the case for a reddit user named sara-ndipity who asked women to reveal. Wife is hot as hell, she could have had just about any guy, but she choose me. Weve shared a few past stories of people weve had sex with, and i loved hearing about it all. My gf has had 32 partners before me, including a 3-some with two guys she was having sex with alternately every other day, been with another girl, has had about 5 1 night stands and all that. She had a history of rape and molestation which she partly attributes to the behavior. It fks with me still after 1 and half years but it doesnt destroy our moments. One day he found my diary and read it and was so hurt by my fling and by my past that still to this day 6 years later he gets upset at the thought. No one wants to know that the person they love has had a past. We dont want to picture them being intimate with anyone else. So your wife lied to spare your feelings and so you wont judge her. Who have had many sexual partners have found love on a more limited. I used to believe i didnt care about number of sexual partners.

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