Parents will always hope and dream for their children. No parent ever wishes that his newborn baby boy will one day turn into a troubled teen. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, it is possible that you may have to deal with an out of control teenage son.

Handling an Out of Control Teenage Son

teenage son responsibilityWhen you have such a son, it is imperative to understand that there is no quick fix. However, there are measures that can help the boy so that he becomes a normal teenager.

In most cases, the troubled teen who is out of control is usually in control of the family. This means that your first step to helping him is taking control from him. No matter how frightening his behavior may be, you must be assertive and set some rules. These are not just rules but ensure that there are consequences when broken.

Establish the Underlying Cause

There are many reasons for a perfectly behaved boy turning into a troubled teen. This site does a great job of helping you deal with these issues. Drugs, bipolar disorder and alcohol, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression all account for this. Therefore, try to find out what the source of his bad behavior could be and address it. Even if it is hard having a conversation, you must get it done to keep his behavior in line.

Pick the Right Battles

Parents with an out of control teenage son have very any things they would wish to change. Understand that you cannot change everything about the boy and that is why you need to pick which battles to fight. Distinguish between problems that need to be addressed like drug abuse and criminal activity from those that are not very critical. You may not like his friends and appearance but these are minor issues, and you do not have to address them now.

Draw a Line between Rights and Privileges

Many out of control teenage sons think that they are entitled to having a car, cellphone and video game console amongst many other things. Therefore, it is important that he understands that those things are privileges and can be taken away anytime. Differentiating the two is an easy way of establishing a clear cause-and-effect relationship that can help bring his behavior under control.